The Philosophy


Simple Weddings:

  • Is designed for the couple who is looking for simplicity when it comes to planning their ceremony

  • Is committed to the best possible service without the hassle of meetings

  • Is committed to being eco friendly by not having mounds of paperwork exchanged between the couple and professional

  • Is perfect for the busy couple

  • Offers three ceremony choices...that really is plenty!

  • Offers trained and certified, professional wedding Officiants


The Process


  • Fill in our online booking form or e-mail your request for services to

  • Our booking specialist, will confirm receipt of your request by email

  • Payment is required to confirm booking. Payment cannot be made the day of the wedding.  Our fee is $250.00

  • Payment methods are email money transfer, Visa or Mastercard. Email money transfers are to be sent to We do not accept cash, cheque or PayPal

  • You must choose one of our three pre-designed ceremonies. These ceremonies cannot be adjusted in any way

  • Your Officiant will arrive at your ceremony location within 20 minutes of the ceremony start time

  • It is the responsibility of the couple to purchase the marriage license and bring it to the ceremony

  • Your Officiant will mail their portion of the license back the Registrar Generals Office as required by the marriage act